Higher Education Resources:

If you are formerly incarcerated or at a Georgia Transitional Center and would like our support in pursuing higher education in Georgia, please complete this survey. One of our team members will reach out within a week to schedule a time to follow up to see how we can support you in your effort. You can also consider the resources below:

Common Good Atlanta: Common Good Atlanta provides a weekly, free college course for people who have been previously incarcerated. If you complete the entire course of study, you will earn six academic credits from Bard College that can be transferred to another college. If you are interested, please let CGA know by filling out this form.

Georgia State University: Contact Owen Cantrell at GSU Perimeter College's Prison Education Project if you are interested in applying to Perimeter College.

Atlanta Metropolitan State College: AMSC is committed to supporting first-generation college students and others who face barriers to obtaining higher education. Please reach out to us at info@gachep.org if you'd like support in connecting to staff at AMSC.

Life University: If you are interested in attending Life University, please contact Thomas Fabisiak to help you with the application process. Life U welcomes people who have been incarcerated to apply and enroll, but tuition is around 12,000/year. If you are admitted, Life U’s financial aid office will help you find options to pay for your education, but these will likely not cover the full cost.

Applying for financial aid with a conviction.

Resource Guide from the Southern Center for Human Rights:

From SCHR: "This resource guide was compiled by the Southern Center for Human Right’s Reentry division to better empower SCHR clients and others in Georgia by identifying statewide community resources that will effectively assist them in accessing the services needed to be successful in their reentry. All resources in the guide have been vetted and verified as “background friendly” resources whose services are available to individuals impacted by a criminal conviction. Please be sure to read any notes as they regard to COVID-19 changes, criminal charge restrictions (or exceptions) and access to those on the registry.”

You can download the guide here and can see other handbooks from SCHR here.

Additional Resources:

Ameelio: A free platform for loved ones of people in prison to send them messages and photos.

Georgia Department of Public Health COVID-19 page and State of Georgia Hotline (844) 442-2681.

Georgia DOC website including updates about COVID-19 in State prisons.

Georgia Legal Aid resources for help with unemployment, housing, etc.

GA Companies who are hiring during the pandemic.

IMAN Atlanta: IMAN Atlanta’s Green ReEntry program offers a holistic regiment including transitional housing, spiritual development, basic education, life skills instruction, on-the-job construction training, and job placement support.

The Emmaus House in Atlanta offers food pickups to those who need it every two weeks.

Toolkit for Families of Incarcerated People from the Illinois Prison Project

Urban League of Greater Atlanta: Provides an employment program, transitional housing, life coaching. You can call ULGATL at 404-659-1150 or email info@ulgatl.org.