GACHEP Board of Directors

Pamela Winn, Co-President

Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network CoFounder, Unlocked Minds at Spelman College, and RestoreHER

Stacy Bell McQuaide, Co-President

Chillon Project at Life University and Oxford College of Emory University

Angela Marshall

President and CEO, T57 Ventures LLC, Sr. Consultant for The National Executive Council (NEC) at Columbia University’s Center for Justice, Founding Member of  GACHEP

Jay Holder

Columbia University Center for Justice, Founding Member of GACHEP

Elizabeth M. Bounds

Certificate in Theological Studies at Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Founding Member of GACHEP

Sinead Younge

Morehouse College and Common Good Atlanta

Kareemah Hanifa

IMAN Atlanta, "No Taxation Without Representation" Voting Rights Campaign, "Returning Citizens for Returning Citizens"

Page Dukes

Southern Center for Human Rights, Mourning Our Losses, Georgia Freedom Letters

Nora Bonner

Georgia State University and the Chillon Project at Life University

Owen Cantrell

Georgia State University Prison Education Project


Patrick Rodriguez

Co-Executive Director

Thomas Fabisiak 

Co-Executive Director

Katrina Butler

Full Circle Fellowship Coordinator

Christopher Gleason 

Academic Director 

Danny Rivera

Reentry Coordinator

Landers Thomas

Grants and Operations Coordinator 

GACHEP Summer Outreach Team

Alexis Ahn

Cornell University

Cathryn Lamour

Cornell University

Angela Williamson

Life University

Teria Harrison

Savannah State University

Abigail Cook