Georgia Coalition for Higher Education in Prison

The Georgia Coalition for Higher Education Prison (GACHEP) empowers people involved in the carceral system in Georgia to obtain college degrees. GACHEP aims to provide people in prison and those who have left prison in Georgia with high-quality educational pathways from pre-college coursework to accredited degree completion. In support of this mission, GACHEP members collaborate to build networks for students and alumni; connect people who have left prison to resources in housing, transportation, healthcare, and employment; and support policy that expands access to higher education. Coalition members include students, faculty, administrators, and alumni in higher education in prison, as well representatives of nonprofits who are dedicated to this goal.

GACHEP University Partners Invited to Participate in Second Chance Pell

April 24, 2020

We are pleased to announce that two Universities that house GACHEP programs, Georgia State University (GSU Prison Education Project) and Life University (the Chillon Project), have received invitations from the U.S. Department of Education to participate in the Second Chance Pell Experiment. This initiative enables incarcerated students who enroll in selected Universities to be eligible to receive need-based federal Pell Grants. The first round of Second Chance Pell began in 2015, and Life University and Georgia State University were two of sixty-seven institutions of higher education nationwide to be invited to participate in the second round.

We are hopeful for what this initiative may mean for higher education in prison in Georgia and throughout the country. It began over twenty years after Pell Grants were banned for incarcerated people as part of the 1994 federal crime bill. Since the first round of the initiative, federal funds have made helped programs enable thousands of college students in prison nationwide to pursue higher education and earn degrees and certificates.